Anxiety Updates - Daily Meditation, Daily Scheduling, and Timelapse Drawings!

I've been updating regularly on my YouTube and Instagram, but realised that I hadn't updated my blog with what I've been doing over the past couple of weeks!

So my anxiety had been getting pretty bad and it was impacting my productivity and overall morale, so I've been implementing guided meditation (using the app Headspace) into my mornings, and I've recently revamped my daily schedule to account for my anxious feelings and not overwhelm myself too much. 

I'll put my latest videos down below in order, and hopefully you'll be able to see the slow improvement I've been making!! I'm feeling really good about getting better at managing my emotions, and I'm positive that it'll continue to get better and easier!

An update video on my anxiety. I read out some of my own writing describing why I want to beat anxiety, do some exercise in the sun, and try to keep my dogs away from a blue tongue lizard!

I was able to attend a nighttime drinks and viewing of the Archibald exhibition at the New South Wales Gallery, so I decided to film a few personal updates with a Chit Chat Get Ready With Me style video :)


An update vlog where I show an old moleskine sketchbook, and draw something new in it 🙂 Skip to 3:58 to go straight to the sketchbook tour!

An update on how meditation is helping my anxiety, and how I schedule my days for maximum productivity! * SKIP TO 13:15 to watch the timelapse!

I've also done a couple drawings, too! So here are those:


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