Learning Procreate on iPad Pro with Skillshare

I’m focusing a lot on learning at the moment - refreshing my skills and learning new ones whilst I currently have the time and resources to. I LOVE learning, but I prefer to learn on my own terms and at my own pace.


I signed up for a free month with Skillshare, and for the past few weeks I’ve been going through a bunch of courses on it, and I'm actually really impressed! I've tried out a couple membership-based online course sites, but the courses on them have been pretty hit-and-miss, but on Skillshare I'm surprised that most courses I've watched have been a hit! There are so many creative classes on Skillshare compared to other sites, and I think that's one reason I like it so much. The courses are quick to get through, and you can pick and choose which sections to skip over, or rewatch. It’s definitely the type of learning that I enjoy.

This painting I did here was created on Procreate on my iPad Pro. I’ve had my iPad Pro for a while, but I’ve never enjoyed painting on it much. I've mostly just stuck to drawings and sketches because I haven’t gotten the hang of the way it behaves when painting. But I found a course on Skillshare which had an in-depth description of Procreate’s tools and brushes (there were a whole bunch that I didn’t even know about!?) and I painted this image after watching it, and actually really enjoyed the process, even though it was different to the way I usually work. It’s so much easier to learn and then put what you learnt into practise when you have a skilled person teaching you how-to, straight-up.

If you're interested in taking this class or any classes like it, I highly recommend checking out Skillshare. When you sign up you can get a whole month of streaming access for FREE and browse through 15,000 other classes -- so there's nothing to lose by signing up and trying it out first for free, and you can cancel any time.


I'm going to continue to use Skillshare for a good while yet, as there are so many courses I've saved to slowly go through!