Phone Addiction, Focus, and Meditation...

I’ve really been struggling with focusing on a painting for an extended period of time. There are probably a multitude of reasons for this - procrastination, succumbing to distractions, doubting or exaggerating my abilities… But I think a big reason for this struggle is my addiction to having constant mental stimulation. 

I’m definitely aware of the effect my phone has on my mind. Constantly checking my phone (and browsing the internet) means my brain gets used to the constant stimulation. I rarely take a break to focus on myself and really THINK - and in doing so I hinder my productivity and focus, and heighten my anxiety.

I notice this the most when I start drawing. I may be able to start a sketch, but I usually get to the point where I just want it finished so that I don’t want to have to bother with it any more - so I either rush the adding of colour/shading to a sketch, or I never even get to the stage where I start painting!

This has made me aware of how much my painting skills and colour theory are both lacking. So I want to do some practise paintings focusing on creating mood through colour… AND I want to focus on FOCUS.

I’ve started using the app Headspace, to try and see if meditation can help my focus and anxiety. I’m 6 days through it, and so far I HAVE noticed a difference in both! I’m going to keep at it, as the results so far are promising!

Below is a practise painting to get me thinking a bit more about light. Whilst painting it I can clearly see what I struggle with, which just means that with practise it will become easier :)