How I Choose Healthy Eating Habits over Negative Ones

Do you know what foods you should be eating, but find it too difficult to choose to eat healthy foods over unhealthy ones when the time comes?

Try these two points to help fuel that discipline to eat well:

  1. Prepare early so that you don’t have to depend on making in-the-moment, last-minute decisions on what to eat.
    This is the most important step. You may have heard the adage “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, and when it comes to eating, this couldn’t be more true. Pre-making your meals and stocking your kitchen with healthy foods will make it so much easier to make better food choices.
  2. Limit your carb sources in the mornings to reduce cravings.
    One thing about the western diet that I find extremely detrimental, is the carbohydrate-laden “breakfast foods”. Breakfast cereals and breads are high GI and choc-a-block with added sugars - which only give you a short burst of energy, followed by a crash in blood sugar -  which then makes our bodies crave more of those sugary foods to bring our blood sugar back up! So not only are we failing to fuel our bodies with sustained energy for the day - we’re influencing our bodies to crave more of those detrimental foods!
    Instead, we should offer our bodies a breakfast rich in protein and healthy fats - it is THIS breakfast which will give us sustained energy and mental focus!
    And when you make the change to start your day with a protein and fat breakfast, it won’t take long to notice the difference in regards to cravings. You’ll find that when it comes to having your next meal, you won’t crave having an unhealthy, or carb-loaded meal!
    I can’t stress enough the difference you will feel when you start eating this way every day, you really have to try it to experience it first hand.