So last week I actually didn’t upload a YouTube video, and that was because last Wednesday was my 25th birthday! So most of my week was spent going out and doing and buying things, so I thought - screw it! I’ll take a break from work and just enjoy it.

It was an awesome birthday and I am feeling so loved and #blessed. But now it’s back to business as usual!


So the last video I did was an anatomy exercise of plotting the skeleton out over a figure reference. And after doing that, I stumbled upon a couple videos by Proko doing a similar exercise (and much better than me).

If you don’t know of Proko, he’s a fantastic artist on YouTube who creates great guides for drawing and anatomy. In the two videos I’ll link below, you can see a much more refined version of what I was attempting in my last video, and a couple of other instructional videos for you to check out - I highly recommend you do if you haven’t seen his stuff already!

This week I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming and conglomerating inspirational images and thinking up possible concepts for artworks I can do. I feel better having some sort of plan and structure in terms of my art. It keeps me productive and accountable, and I end up getting more done than if I don’t have a plan or direction to strive for. I’m more likely to force myself to not only start new artworks, but to finish them too.

I really enjoy developing concepts and ideas, and it helps me get excited and motivated to create, and challenges me to think up new ideas and to make work that is closer to me. I really want to challenge myself to dig deep and create art that conveys emotions I’m feeling, and is an expression of me. My art will be a lot more personal, and therefore more intimidating to share with others, but I think it’ll be really beneficial for me.


I had an idea I wanted to develop, of focusing on the feelings and emotions of self-discovery for a woman, kind of going from a vanilla life to a much more exciting one where she gains self confidence and learns to really live and enjoy herself, and have greater life experiences.

So I was thinking of splitting the works into two categories - Light, and Dark. The Light category would symbolise the vanilla and innocent self. The Dark category would symbolise uninhibitedness, elation, pleasure, and passion.


Watch the video below where I walk through my ideas, show the process of drawing a concept, and show my new set of drawers full of art supplies!