Allow Yourself to Take a Break

WELCOME! to 2018.

I thought I’d warm up into filming this year with a relaxed video expanding on what I want to focus my energy on in 2018 in regards to my art but also myself personally, and then talk about getting focused after taking a break over the holidays.

I’m always wanting to be conscious of where my personal faults lie, so that I can continuously work on bettering myself. I want to feel like I’ve made the most of my life because if you do then you’ll live a life with little regret.

In 2017 I transformed my future by learning techniques of how to overcome my anxiety when I feel like it’s taking ahold over my life.

Anxiety has always been something I’ve experienced. As a kid I was extremely shy, and growing up I always worried about a lot of things and actively tried to avoid stressful situations rather than deal with them. Then, as you grow up, you take on more responsibilities and learn that there are some situations you can’t just avoid or pass on to someone else, and because I hadn’t learnt how to deal with stress, I would overthink things and get overwhelmed easily. That’s my own theory of my brain, anyway.

I used to beat myself up over the times when I’d take a break from drawing for a while and I couldn’t just pick myself up right from where I left off. By doing this I caused myself more stress than I needed to, and in turn was afraid to take breaks, or would feel guilty if I did.

Something I want to continue to remind myself of this year, is that nothing is the be-all and end-all of life.

In this situation, try not to worry about taking a break and struggling to return to it. It happens to everyone, and you know what? It DOESN’T REALLY MATTER! All you need to do is focus on where you’re going, and work through the struggle, and after a week or two of working through it, you’ll feel back to normal! Nothing matters as much as you think it does. You can work through those kinds of problems, and it’s REALLY not that big of a deal, even though in your mind, right now, it might seem as such.