Timelapse Drawing - OOTD

In this week's timelapse video I talk about how doing the “boring” drawings is important as they’re the ones you learn from!


For this drawing I wanted to try something a little different, using myself as a reference! Using yourself as a reference can be handy, to get a pose down properly that you have in your head, or to give yourself inspiration or ideas.

Something that I’ve been wanting to focus on lately is conveying personality in the people that I draw. I often feel like my drawings lack emotion and character and end up feeling flat - like you can’t see their personality.

I know that I love drawing portraits with relaxed features because they really show a person’s beauty, but I want to try to draw more expressions - happy, sad, angry - just to convey more story and meaning to my drawings.

One way of showing a person’s personality through drawings is through costume - and that’s something I want to focus more on, too. I’ve always enjoyed thinking up costumes for characters!


So this drawing is kind of just one for me to warm up in order to get to where I want to be with drawing outfits, material practise, and conveying a character’s personality with OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) kind of drawings!

Even though this drawing isn’t very interesting, I think it’s still important to show it because I believe a lot of artists overlook, or don’t realise, the sheer volume of these “boring” drawings that are necessary to do in order to become skilled. You have to do a lot of “boring” drawings in order to practice and be able to do the more-interesting drawings well!