VIDEO - Personal Update, Art Haul, and Inktober!

I haven’t given a personal update in a while, so I thought I’d do that, talk about starting Inktober, and show my recent Art Haul!

My anxiety is much better and I’m feeling a lot more centred - having a consistent morning routine (showering right after waking, eating a good breakfast, walking the dogs out in nature, and then some form of exercise) has helped dramatically. I find I’m starting the day with a much more positive and can-do mindset, and I find I’m able to be a lot more productive than before.

Something I need to work on is my focus - or discipline around focusing on my work for a long period of time. I lose focus easily and then let procrastination take over... I’m very good at sitting down to draw for a few hours, but end up completing one drawing and then taking “a break” before continuing on, but my break just ends up as me procrastinating and I don’t end up doing any more drawing that day!

I’ve also become a bit slack in the past few weeks, and whilst my mindset has improved heaps, I am starting to feel like I’m accomplishing only a fraction of the work I am capable of doing, and my social media presence is slacking in result.

Some of the things I bought in my art haul!

Some of the things I bought in my art haul!

I bought a whole bunch of traditional art mediums last week - acrylic paints, inks, brushes, paper, and new pens. So I’m excited to get practicing for those!

I didn’t intentionally buy the inks for Inktober - I’ve wanted to get some for a while now - but I realised I may as well use Inktober as an excuse to try them out! I’m not strictly holding myself to doing one a day, but I am trying to do as many as I can :) because I’m interested in getting myself to try new things!

One thing in relation to that that I wanted to talk about... Whilst looking through other artists' amazing Inktober work, I think it's important for us all to remember that Inktober is about trying new things and expanding your skillset 🙂

It doesn't matter how many months or years more of practise other artists' have had before starting this challenge, because you're not comparing your art to theirs.

✨Your aim should be to compare your art at the end of the challenge, compared to these first initial days!✨

Watch the video below to hear me speak more on the above, show all of my Art Haul products, and a timelapse of one of my Inktober paintings!