VIDEO - Inktober Part 2, DOING rather than DREAMING!

I'm super excited for this video, because I had heaps of fun and put extra effort into editing a creative and fun intro. I loved the process and I'm really excited with the results!

I originally thought this video would be a continuation of my Pin Up Project - but I realised I had a few things that I had realised this past week that wanted to discuss instead.

In this video I talk about being a DOER rather than a DREAMER - of actively pursuing your ideas rather than just dreaming about them.

Participating in Inktober has made me realise just how powerful it is to just jump straight in when trying new things.

As I've found with working as an "illustrator" at a big company, I don't want to create art for others, I want to create and be recognised for my own, original art. And I actually want to do something about it, instead of sitting on my arse and thinking "How do I start?!" or dreaming about "What if"s...

So right now I'm getting into researching how to do this - how to support myself financially and make a career out of making and selling my own art - and implementing what I learn ASAP and not waiting around for that "perfect" moment to make a move. There will NEVER be a perfect moment where you'll know everything you need, and your first attempt will be a roarings success. In reality, you have to start out small and slow, learn on-the-go or on-the-job, make mistakes and adapt as you need to.

My YouTube is all about growing as an artist - of starting from the (almost) very bottom, and working my way to success (by success I am referring to being able to support myself financially through my own art).

It's an important message that I wanted to share, so I hope you enjoy the video :)