Elitism in Creativity - Timelapse Drawing

A lot of creative industries have their own elitist cultures, or people within them who are very elitist. Honestly, we’re all guilty of practising elitist attitudes towards other people at some point, without even really thinking about it.

An “elitist” is someone who brings others down when they try their hand at something that they aren’t an expert at, or before learning the fundamentals of that art or skill (and often for sharing the creation/artwork online).

Elitists hold themselves as being superior to others for being better skilled or educated.


What I wanted to stress was that there is nothing wrong with trying out a creative task/skill/art before studying it fully (so long as you don’t immediately think you’re an expert in the field). If anything, physically trying something out can in many ways be a better learning experience than studying without practise.

Remember that you do not have to be good or knowledgeable at something to try out something new, or to share that with others. You are completely at liberty to try out something because you’ve seen others doing it and you think it’s cool and want to try it out yourself. That does not make you “basic” or “just following the crowd”.

You do not have to earn the ability to try out something new. And you definitely don’t have to go to art school or similar, to somehow “earn” the ability to try.

You wouldn’t tell a child that they aren’t able to try out something new unless they’ve educated themselves on it first, so why should we treat adults differently? (that is, unless it’s for a professional job, but that’s not what I’m referring to here).


It’s this fear of being judged which holds so many people back from trying new things in the first place. Everybody has to start somewhere. Everyone was a rookie at something once.

Remember that you don’t know other people’s stories, so don’t judge them as though you do. If you’re letting the elitist within you out onto others, maybe stop and think about whether your attitude is warranted.

If you are a professional in your field, remember that just because someone else tries the same thing out, that doesn’t mean that they’re striving to be a professional too - it’s most likely that they’re just doing it for the enjoyment of creating.

Unfortunately, there will always be elitists out there, so all you can do is try your hardest to block them out and focus solely on yourself.

No one should be made to doubt their ability to express themselves and their creativity. But in the end, it comes down to YOU whether you let those negative comments or attitudes get in the way of your happiness, or your self expression.

So the next time you’re feeling that pressure that you aren’t good enough to try something new, remember that you don’t owe anyone anything - your creativity and self expression is for you and no one else, and so no ones opinion but your own should matter - and you definitely don't have to be skilled at something to share your creations online with others. If others don't like it, remember that that's their problem - and it could be possible that if you do get any negative comments from others, or comments where they think they're giving constructive criticism (but they're really just picking on your work) remember that they're probably just saying those things to make themselves feel better and more superior than you.

You shouldn't feel pressure that you have to be perfect in order to share your work online. I think it's good to share all your work online, average or not, because after a year or so you can return back to that artwork and compare it to your recent artwork and see how you've improved! That's the idea that I have with sharing artworks like this of mine online - I can’t wait to compare it to artwork in the future and see how I’ve improved!